Cupcake Wars May Be In Our Future!

We completed an application in March 2011 for Cupcake Wars on the Food Network.  We didn’t think we would ever hear from them but……they called on Tuesday, 8/9/11 evening.  We did a phone interview and they invited us to move to the next phase of the application which was to make a video to submit to them to review.  If they like the video,  they will call us to be on the 4th season of the show.  I was so excited…they gave us all the criteria for the video and my last question was “we would love to be considered and when did they need the video?  Reply was Friday 8/12/11.  I went silent for a few seconds because Casey (my son in the shop) was getting married on Saturday 8/13/11 and we had lots of out of town guests and so much to do.  Not to mention that Casey was off work for the week to prepare all the last minute details.  But I said to the Food Network People…no problem, we will have it done.  Then I panicked but we did it and we are on YouTube.  Here is the link for you to look at…. I’d love some feedback if you have time….Remember, they said personality, personality, personality and fun and upbeat.  They did not want a cupcake demo…So here is what we came up with:

9 thoughts on “Cupcake Wars May Be In Our Future!

  1. This video is great. I think you ladies will be great contestants on cupcake wars. Can’t wait to try some myself after watching this.

  2. Gretta,
    The shop and the cupcakes look fabulous in the video, and you and Angela definitely come across very enthusiastically!
    Best of luck and I look forward to seeing you on Cupcake Wars!!

  3. Great Video–You’d kick some serious buns on Cupcake Wars! Hope Food Network picks you!

  4. I love this video you guys are great! I cant wait to see you on cupcake wars. The other guys would not stand a chance against the best cupcake makers around :)

  5. Gretta, love the video and your cupcakes. My husband and I split a Choco-Love last night….yummy. It’s my new favorite.

  6. I love the video – a few friends and I have talked about coming to Aroma’s someday without our kids so we can have cupcakes for lunch AND dessert.

    We love Aroma’s and can’t wait to see you on the Food Network (fingers crossed)!

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